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Department of Justice and Community Safety

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Contact Salutation Name Title Telephone Email Source Last Updated
The Honourable
Lisa Neville
Minister for Police and Emergency Services; Minister for Water; Minister for the Coordination of Environment, Land, Water and Planning: COVID-19 (03) 9637 9654 lisa.neville@parliament.vic.gov.au

Parliament of Victoria

The Honourable
Jill Henessy
Attorney-General; Minister for Workplace Safety; Minister for the Coordination of Justice and Community Safety: COVID-19 (03) 8684 1111 jill.hennessy@parliament.vic.gov.au

Parliament of Victoria

The Honourable
Natalie Hutchins
Minister for Crime Prevention; Minister for Corrections; Minister for Youth Justice; Minister for Victim Support (03) 9449 1511 natalie.hutchins@parliament.vic.gov.au

Parliament of Victoria

The Honourable
Melissa Horne
Minister for Ports and Freight; Minister for Consumer Affairs, Gaming and Liquor Regulation; Minister for Fishing and Boating (03) 8392 8020 melissa.horne@parliament.vic.gov.au

Parliament of Victoria

Head of Agency
Rebecca Falkingham
Secretary (03) 8684 0501 rebecca.falkingham@justice.vic.gov.au

Victorian Gov. Directory

Head of Corporate Services
Andrew Minack
Deputy Secretary, Corporate Governance and Support (03) 8684 0000 (Switch) andrew.minack@justice.vic.gov.au

Organisational Chart

Head of Information Technology
Andrew Dundon
Director Technology Strategy & Operations 03 8684 0000 (Switch) andrew.dundon@justice.vic.gov.au


Other IT Personnel
Robert Logue
Manager, Electronic Document Systems 03 8684 0000 (Switch) robert.logue@justice.vic.gov.au


Other IT Personnel
Paul Chandley
Deputy Director, Digital Transformation, Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages 03 8684 0000 (Switch) paul.chandley@justice.vic.gov.au



Intermedium Articles

Demand drives growing investment in justice sector

As case backlogs grow and litigation becomes more specialised and technical, placing strain on the justice system, jurisdictions across Australia will increase spending on ICT systems to achieve efficiencies in the justice sector...

Justice reigns supreme in Vic’s ICT heavy budget

Victoria’s judicial system is the clear winner from the state’s 2017-18 budget, receiving just under $100 million to improve case management systems and in-court technology over the next four years.

The Andrews government’s third budget has also seen funding flow to rural applications of the Internet of Things, cyber resilience improvements...

Vic’s first cybersecurity strategy likely candidate for budget funding

Topics: ICT Strategy; Cybersecurity; Shared Services; VIC.

Victoria’s long-awaited Whole-of-Government (WofG) cybersecurity strategy is due to be released this quarter by the Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC), ending a three-year stop-start period of development. 

Intermedium expects the strategy to generate new requirements for

Civica wins $100m-plus Vic Justice contract

Topics: Software; Digital Transformation; Vic.

Civica has signed a $103.6 million contract with the Victorian Department of Justice and Regulation (DJR) to deliver the new Victorian Infringement, Enforcement and Warrants

Two national emergency platforms set for overhaul

Topics: Telco; ICT Strategy; Vic; Fed.

Victoria has approached the market for a new supplier of the national telephone-based emergency warning system – Emergency Alert (EA), prior to the Federal Government beginning...

Victorian Justice fine management system: Take two

Still smarting from the latest round of watchdog critiques regarding poorly managed ICT projects, the Victorian Government has committed close to $40 million towards a second attempt at

Service Victoria biggest winner in 2016 budget

Service Victoria has received $81 million to spend on Whole-of-Government (WofG) service delivery over the next twelve months...

Vic Department of Justice and Regulation to upgrade BI system

Victoria’s Department of Justice and Regulation is looking for an upgrade of its Business

Vic Budget fuels transport IT, digital service delivery

The Andrews Government unveiled its first Budget on 5 May 2015, with transport IT, police radio technology...

Project cost overruns double Victoria’s ICT spend

The Victorian Government’s annual ICT expenditure has nearly tripled over the past four yearsꜗ, but...

VIC Births, Deaths, and Marriages to replace Lifedata

In an bid to provide citizens with near-instant access to births, deaths, and marriages records, and to bolster the quality

SA Police release RFT for facial recognition technology

Joining a growing band of justice and border control agencies, the South Australian...

Vic Government drops Minister for Technology

In a shake-up of ministerial portfolios, the new Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews has dissolved...

Victorian Justice Department outlines upcoming ICT procurement

Significant ICT procurement plans have been detailed by the Victorian Department of Justice (DoJ) which has become the eighth agency to transition to the Victorian Government Purchasing Board’s (VGPB) new procurement policy framework. Under the framework, it is mandatory for DoJ to outline their upcoming procurement activity on their procurement activity register.

CenITex provided services worth $150.52 million in 2013-14

CenITex provided $150.52 million worth of services to customers in 2013-14, did not exceed its budget, and continued its path towards outsourcing its services to the private sector. Its 2013-14 Annual Report also revealed that the Victorian shared services provider...

NSW Police and Justice Department renamed - again

The New South Wales Department of Police and Justice is now to be known simply as the Department of Justice after the entity’s second name change in as many months.

The Department was renamed to the Department of Police and Justice in late April 2014 following the Ministerial reshuffle that occurred after Mike Baird became Premier. It was previously known as the Department of Attorney-General and Justice.

The latest name change, first reported by the Sydney...

New Court Services Victoria CIO thirsty for Mobility and big on Big Data

Two weeks into his new role as CIO of Court Services Victoria, Krist Davood sees a “huge thirst for mobile services” in government, as well as a big opportunity for data analytics.

Mobility – putting users at the core

There is “great scope for digital file management” across government said Davood, and within Court Services, he is looking particularly at the use and presentation of evidence.

In his presentation at CeBIT 14’s Enterprise Mobility Conference, Davood proved a firm advocate of implementing mobility...

Victorian Budget funds major ICT procurement initiatives

Whole of Government ICT Infrastructure Procurement

In this election year budget the Victorian Government has provided funding to support a revamp of ICT procurement in the State.

Victoria’s 2014-15 budget provides funding for the management of critical upcoming ICT procurement initiatives including the outsourcing of CenITex services and establishment of the VicConnect Government cloud and ICT marketplace.

The budget provides $6 million to the Department of State Development, Business and Innovation (DSDBI) to manage the...

CIO appointment for Court Services Victoria

Krist Davood has been appointed CIO of recently formed Court Services Victoria. According to his LinkedIn, as CIO Davood will “lead all ICT strategic and operational initiatives for Court Services Victoria.”

The State government established the new statutory body, Court Services Victoria, to provide judicial services independent of the executive arm. Court Services Victoria was created in July last year to provide the administrative services and facilities to support the Victorian Courts and the Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).

Davood was previously CIO...

Vic Auditor-General identifies potential telco savings

Victorian Auditor-General, John Doyle, has found inadequate oversight of telecommunications spending means agencies are missing out on potential savings on telecommunications services.

The audit, Managing Telecommunications Usage and Expenditure, examined telecommunications spending on fixed voice and mobile services at Victoria’s three highest spending agencies, Victoria Police, the Department of Human Services (DHS) and the Department of Justice (DOJ...

Case Management System needed at Vic Parole Board

A report on Victoria’s Adult Parole Board (APB) has recommended the urgent development of a case management system that links to Victoria Police and Corrections Victoria.

A cloud solution is likely to be a major contender, after the Victorian Government’s announcement of a new web-hosted case management system for the State’s Supreme Court yesterday. The RedCrest case lodgement and management system...

Victoria’s Courts Management System on hold until the end of 2012

The future of the Victorian Department of Justice’s Integrated Courts Management System (ICMS) is still on hold after more than 12 months under review, a spokesperson for the agency has confirmed.

More than seven years after work started on the project, a critical evaluation of the system’s progress is “expected to be completed by the end of the year,” the spokesperson said.

Originally announced in 2005 as a four-year program, the ICMS has faced numerous delays and has incurred extensive additional costs to the State Government.

The project...

New financial year could be twice as good for Victorian ICT

2012-13 promises to be a much better year for the Victorian ICT industry than 2011-12, with Budget Papers revealing that more than $450 million in ICT funding has been earmarked for expenditure in the financial year, which represents close to a 100 per cent increase on last year’s spending allocation of $224 million.

The value of brand new ICT funding will also beat the tally of new initiatives in 2011-12, which came in at $137 million according to Intermedium’s Budget IT...

Lack of infrastructure maintenance during ‘transition in’ period cause of CenITex outage

Former outsourcer Fujitsu had to be called in to help when several of the Victorian Department of Business and Innovation’s (DBI) key systems – including email – crashed recently and current infrastructure manager CenITex was unable to immediately identify and rectify the source of the problem. 

Fujitsu and DBI (which was formerly known as the Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development or DIIRD) signed a $34.7 million...

Sixteen exemptions already granted for month-old eServices Panel

When the Victorian Government cut the membership of its whole of government eServices Panel by 65 members in May, one of the key indictments against it was a concern that the narrowed vendor base would fail to meet the requirements of a diverse Victorian public sector.

Since the new panel came into effect on 1 July, the Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF) has granted 16 exemptions to nine different agencies, allowing them to procure from vendors not included on the panel on a one-off basis.

To date, not one agency application for exemption has been rejected.


CenITex set to complete ICT consolidation

The Victorian Government-owned Centre for IT Excellence (CenITex) will complete its consolidation of government departments in this financial year according to its annual report 2009-10. 

Since its inception in 2008, the shared services agency has sought to provide ICT infrastructure and services across Victorian government and to consolidate the ICT functions within these departments. 

In 2010-11, CenITex will...

Vic Justice and Supreme Court reach agreement over CenITex move

The Victorian Department of Justice (DoJ) and the Victorian Supreme Court have come to an interim agreement which should – at least temporarily – placate the security concerns raised by Chief Justice Marilyn Warren about the move to a centralised IT system.

In the latest Annual Report for the Victorian Supreme Court, Justice Warren spoke out against plans to migrate the Supreme Court’s IT systems to the State...

Inside the Victorian Public Service’s social networking Hub

Seven months since its launch, the Victorian Public Service’s social networking intranet, the VPS Hub, is averaging 25,000 hits a month and this number looks set to increase.

Project Adviser for the Hub, Janice van Reyk, told Intermedium that she believes that the project is currently in the early stages of its technology adoption lifecycle, and having successfully attracted the early adopters will probably begin to attract the early majority over the next six months.

The VPS Hub is the product of the State Public Service’s Innovation Action Plan...

More delays reported for Victorian Department of Justice IT projects

The list of late or suspended IT projects  within Victoria’s Department of Justice (DoJ) has expanded, with several budget appropriations being carried over into 2011 due to missed deadlines according to the Department’s recently released Annual Report.

DoJ’s ICT record has suffered lately, with two major projects – the transition of the Police’s Law Enforcement Assistance Program (LEAP) to a new LINK platform,...


The Department of Justice and Community Safety leads the delivery of justice and community safety services in Victoria by providing policy and organisational management. Its extensive service delivery responsibilities range from managing the state’s prison system to providing consumer protection and enforcing court warrants

Last Updated: 28/07/2020

Key Objectives

According to the Department's Statement of Direction 2019-2023, their key objectives are to:

  • Create safer and more resilient communities;
  • Create a trusted justice and community safety system;
  • Provide easy access to jusitce and safety systems and services;
  • provide a fair and accessible justice system for Aboriginal people.
Last Updated: 28/07/2020


Staff Type Number Last Updated
Total Agency Staff - Full Time Equivalent
Total Agency Staff - Headcount
Number of IT Staff (internal)
Not Available
Number of IT Contractors
Not Available

Name of ICT Division

Knowledge, Information and Technology Services

Last Updated: 28/07/2020

ICT Environment

  • Enterprise Contract & Contractor Management System;
  • Enterprise Talent Management System;
  • mSuite email and calendar solution for mobile devices;
  • ICMS Courts Case Management System;
  • Microsoft Enterprise Agreement;
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition;
  • Telstra - Data Carriage Services;
  • Telstra - National Emergency Warning System;
  • TRIM;
  • Emergency Management Common Operating Picture (EM-COP) – an opensource software system designed to issue public information/warnings, to track personnel deployed in emergencies, create tools, and to combine processes and analyse information to provide decision makers with added insights;
  • Emergency Management Operational Communications (EMOC);
  • Software licensing agreement for national early warning system that broadcasts alerts;
  • VicEmergency app;
  • E-Justice;
  • In-vehicle software and mobile cameras;
  • CCTV;
  • A $103.6 million contract for a new Victorian Infringement, Enforcement and Warrants (VIEW) System to be delivered by January 2018;
  • Microsoft Dynamics; and
  • Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) – Software for the transmitting documents to relevant recipients.
Last Updated: 28/07/2020

Future ICT Directions

The Department's Corporate Plan 2019-23 describes the Departments strategic vision for IT as 'Technology is a catalyst for DJCS’s service delivery innovation and productivity’, recognising the critical role of IT as a strategic enabler of outcomes. The department continues to modernise it's Technology Services to support service delivery, drive innovation and adapt:

Significant future ICT changes:

  • Establishing a new contract for electronic monitoring, with more reliable and accurate technology and equipment. Information sharing between the correctional system and Victoria Police has been strengthened with an IT solution which provides ‘real-time’ information about events such as family violence, breaches of intervention orders and field contacts.
  • The Development of a roadmap of business-critical Information and Communication Technology (ICT) projects to improve the management and delivery of victim services, and the ability to support the Family Violence Information Sharing and Child Information Sharing Schemes.
Last Updated: 28/07/2020

Additional Information

Court Services Victoria (CSV)

From the 1 July 2014, Court Services Victoria (CSV), or “Courts”, came into operation as an independent body from the Department of Justice. It is designed to increase the efficiency of the court system, as well as the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal and the Judicial College of Victoria. It was formerly known as the “Courts and Tribunal Service” under the Department. It is led by CEO Kerry Osborne.

Last Updated: 27/11/2017