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Department of Education

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Contact Salutation Name Title Telephone Email Source Last Updated
The Honourable
Sarah Mitchell
Minister for Education and Early Childhood Learning 02 8574 5950 office@mitchell.minister.nsw.gov.au

NSW Parliament

The Honourable, Dr.
Geoffrey Lee
Minister for Skills and Tertiary Education 02 8574 5650 office@lee.minister.nsw.gov.au


Head of Agency
Mark Scott
Secretary 1300 679 332 (Switch) mark.scott@det.nsw.edu.au


Head of Corporate Services
Peter Riordan
Deputy Secretary, Corporate Services 1300 679 332 (Switch) peter.riordan@det.nsw.edu.au

Organisation Chart

Head of Information Technology
Stephen Loquet
Chief Information Officer 02 9302 7422 stephen.loquet@det.nsw.edu.au

Organisation Chart

Other IT Personnel
Scott Thompson
Executive Director, CybSec 1300 679 332 (Switch) scott.thomson@det.nsw.edu.au


Other IT Personnel
Chloe Read
R/Executive Director, Learning and Business Systems 1300 679 332 (Switch) chloe.read@det.nsw.edu.au


Other IT Personnel
Andrea Patrick
Chief Procurement Officer 1300 679 332 (Switch) andrea.patrick@det.nsw.edu.au


Other IT Personnel
Susan Arnott
Director, IT Service Delivery 1300 679 332 susan.arnott@det.nsw.edu.au


Other Senior Personnel
Maria Claudia Romero
Executive Director, Shared Services 1300 679 332 (Switch) maria-claudia.romero@det.nsw.edu.au



Intermedium Articles

Lead: Gaps revealed in NSW’s school IT ecosystem

The vision of “any learning opportunity, anywhere, anytime” in New South Wales schools is in jeopardy according to an audit report showing that many public schools rely on ageing ICT equipment and inadequate wireless networks.

Integrators sought for last stage of LMBR rollout

Topics: IT Services; Digital Transformation; NSW.

The New South Wales Department of Education (DoE) is seeking a panel of suppliers to migrate the legacy payroll and HR systems of 2200 schools and corporate organisations to the Learning Management and Business Reform (LMBR) human resources and payroll system

Paper-based education processes bite the dust

Topics: Software; IT Services; Digital Transformation; SA; NSW.

In a bid to reduce the administrative burden of paper-based systems, and better reflect new student learning requirements, jurisdictions across the country are increasingly looking to digitise costly manual processes...

TAFE NSW scrap $67m student management system

Topics: Software; ICT Strategy; Cloud; NSW.

TAFE NSW will discontinue using the troubled Student Administration and Learning Management (SALM) system by January 2018...

Virtual classrooms to support LMBR rollout

One of the largest business transformation programs ever undertaken by the New South Wales Department of Education

Health likely the big ICT beneficiary of Baird Budget

The lead up to the March NSW state election saw a raft of ICT-related commitments made by Premier Mike Baird and...

NSW virtual high school begins classes

Aurora College, NSW’s first completely digital secondary school, has commenced classes this year for gifted rural and remote children with specialist interests.

Schools driven towards BYOD

The June end of the Federally-funded national Digital Education Revolution program (the DER Program) has left State Education Departments contemplating how to fill the void left by its loss, with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) measures emerging as a possible long term solution to the Federal funding cutbacks.


A more extensive version of this article first appeared as Intermedium’s In Focus # 8 on 21 July 2014.


NSW Education goes even more mobile

In yet another sign of the gathering pace of the use and support of mobile devices in the school system, the NSW Department of Education and Communities (DEC) has awarded software provider Softlink $10.5 million over six years for a browser-based school library management system.

The contract announcement follows close on the heels of a major new initiative funding for DEC in the NSW Budget. Intermediumanalysis indicates that DEC received 10% of the $784.33...

NSW not achieving best price in telco deals

The NSW Auditor-General, Grant Hehir, has found that NSW agencies have “consistently” failed to negotiate the best price for telecommunications services with suppliers.

A report, “Making the most of government purchasing power – telecommunications”, handed down by Hehir found that most agencies “do not have the level of expertise in procurement, contract management and expense management that is needed in this fast-changing telecommunications area to achieve value for...

NSW Department seeks suppliers for TAFE Online Solution

The NSW Department of Education and Communities (DEC) is looking to a broader market after a previous Request for Quotation (RFQ) to restricted number of suppliers did not result in an awarded contract. Respondents to the initial RFQ are invited to respond to the Request for Proposal (RFP).

The RFP by the DEC states that a single supplier is preferred, however there could potentially be multiple suppliers. It is expected...

GovDC to “change the paradigm”: DFS CIO

An overwhelming need to work with industry to deliver cloud based solutions was articulated by 3 CIOs from the NSW Department of Finance and Services (DFS) in relation to the scheduled migration to GovDC.


Addressing an AIIA forum held on 11th April, DFS CIO Malcolm Freame stated that the Department is “looking for industry to come help us innovate in a way that will make progression quicker or easier than if we try to do that ourselves.”

Anticipating the move to GovDC, Office of State...

Budget 2013-14: NSW finally funds reform promises

The NSW Police Force has pocketed $74 million in new ICT allocations in the NSW Government’s 2013-14 State Budget, while NSW Health will have to wait for another year at least to see money come through for its major ICT infrastructure reform program.

In 2013-14 the NSW Police Force will embark upon a $44.8 million technical migration of its Computerised Operational Policing System (COPS) to a modern database, to be completed by 2016.

In September 2011, the first stage of the COPS modernisation process was completed when WebCOPS, developed in partnership with Fujitsu,...

NSW Education Department selects its Microsoft LAR

The NSW Department of Education and Communities (DEC) has appointed Insight Enterprises as its Microsoft Large Account Reseller (LAR) for the next four years, in an $89.3 million deal.

Insight Enterprises will provide Microsoft software and software licensing to schools, TAFEs and the Department’s corporate communities under the four-year agreement.

Expiring in December 2017, the contract covers a significant ICT provision to one of the largest agencies in...

NSW Education Department “not ready” for the cloud

The NSW Department of Education and Communities’ (DEC) Michael McMahon, has told a NSW Parliamentary inquiry into ICT procurement that the agency is not yet ready to make the transition to as-a-service models of IT provisioning, but that it aspires to get there in the future.

“It is absolutely something that we are looking to do going forward,” said McMahon, who is General Manager of the Department’s major Learning Management...

NSW Health kicks off data centre migration with RFQ

NSW Health has taken the first steps in its transition to one of two new data centres being built by Metronode for the use of the NSW Government, approaching the market for a migration plan.

NSW Health and the Department of Education and Communities (DEC) will be the primary anchor tenants for the soon-to-be-completed data centres, which form the centrepiece of a major initiative aimed at consolidating all of the Government’s data centre needs into two purpose built facilities.

A restricted Request for Quotations (RFQ) has been issued to suppliers who are members of...

Schott Report is a game changer for NSW Government ICT

Releasing the final report of the NSW Commission of Audit in Sydney yesterday, Premier Barry O’Farrell joked that while it was important, the 425 page document was unlikely to push Olympic triumphs off the front pages of the major newspapers.

But for the ICT industry the reverberations of the report are set to transform the way that they sell to the State’s public sector.

The Commission of Audit, known within Government circles as Schott 2...

NSW Data Centre lease finally signed for $182 million

NSW Finance and Services Minister Greg Pearce today presided over the signing of a $182 million, ten year data centre lease with Metronode following a tender process that has taken more than two years to reach this point.

“It is important to get to the stage where we are able to sign this data centre contract. We did go through some wobbles as we went along,” Pearce acknowledged prior to the official signing at the Department of Finance and Services (DFS) this morning.

The contract value covers data centre services, security, inter-site network, on-site cabling...

Accenture wins $109 million contract to finish LMBR

Accenture has won a $108.6 million contract to oversee the final stages of the Department of Education and Communities’ (DEC) troubled Learning Management and Business Reform (LMBR) project.

The recently published contract will position Accenture as the project’s Transformation Service Provider, responsible for overseeing the replacement of all finance, HR, payroll and student administration systems at NSW schools, TAFE institutions and state and regional...

NSW Government confirms commitment to shared services Blueprint

The NSW Minister for Finance and Services, Greg Pearce, has confirmed to Intermedium that the whole-of-government shared services program initiated under the previous administration will be continued by the Coalition.

“The Government is committed to the Corporate and Shared Services Strategy.  ServiceFirst will be the Government’s multi-tenanted shared service provider, with larger clusters retaining their own shared services provider arrangements,” said Pearce, referring to the 2010 Blueprint for Corporate and Shared Services.

While Pearce...

NSW Machinery of Government changes will impact shared services

The twelve Super Departments which formed the NSW bureaucracy have been slimmed down to nine, with some state agencies changing hands, and others finding themselves dissolved altogether.

This Machinery of Government (MoG) change impacts the shared services structure within the state government, although the full extent will not be clear until the MoG arrangements for the NSW Police Force as well as the emergency services are better understood.

The new list of super departments, or ‘Principal Departments’ as they are labelled in the...


The Department of Education declares its purpose is to prepare children for rewarding lives as engaged citizens in a complex and dynamic society and its vision is to be Australia’s best education system.

Last Updated: 15/04/2020

Key Objectives

The department's Strategic Plan 2018-22 lists ten goals:

  1. All children make a strong start in life and learning and make a successful transition to school.
  2. Every student is known, valued and cared for in our schools.
  3. Every student, every teacher, every leader and every school improves every year.
  4. Every student is engaged and challenged to continue to learn.
  5. All young people have a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy; deep content knowledge; and confidence in their ability to learn, adapt and be responsible citizens.
  6. All young people finish school well prepared for higher education, training and work.
  7. Education is a great place to work and our workforce is of the highest calibre.
  8. Our school infrastructure meets the needs of a growing population and enables future-focused learning and teaching.
  9. Community confidence in public education is high.
  10. Our education system reduces the impact of disadvantage.
Last Updated: 15/04/2020


Staff Type Number Last Updated
Total Agency Staff - Headcount
Not Available
Total Agency Staff - Full Time Equivalent
105,744 (30 June 2019)
Number of IT Staff (internal)
Not Available
Number of IT Contractors
Not Available

Name of ICT Division

Corporate Services - coordinates the allocation, monitoring, reporting and management of financial resources across the department. 

Last Updated: 15/04/2020

ICT Environment

  • Office 365
  • G Suite
  • Adobe software packages
  • Expense Management System Solution for DoE, managing Purchasing Cards;
  • SAP-based finance software
  • SAP-based HR and payroll systems
  • Tribal ebs4-based Student Administration and Learning Management (SALM) system
  • Electronic Leave Application Systems (ELAPS)
  • Electronic Casual Pay Claim System (ECPC)
  • Electronic Teacher Accreditation Management System
  • Recruitment System (ECS TALEO)
  • ESRI ArcGIS Software
  • Schools Library System (SLS)
  • Equinix Internet and Cloud Exchange
  • Splunk Enterprise Software
  • SAP Custom Development Solution
  • Nokia Checkpoint Firewalls
  • VMWare Enterprise Licence
  • TRIM Records Licence
  • Liferay Enterprise Portal Software
  • Scout - Business intelligence system
  • SAP HANA infrastructure
  • BlueCoat network content filtering and caching hardware;
  • Technology for Learning allocates 120,000 computers to NSW public schools in a four year cycle. From 2012-13, the program rolled out:
    • 28,000 laptop computers, and
    • 30,000 computers plus associated infrastructure and equipment.
Last Updated: 15/04/2020

Future ICT Directions

DoE's The Department continues to develop the ITC directions identified in the in the Strategic Information Technology Plan 2016-19 , in particular:
  • Enterprise services that transform our business: to provide corporate applications that innovate and transform our business and deliver a teaching and learning environment that is world best, nation best; and
  • Technology platforms to enable evidence based decision making in the learning and teaching and corporate environments: to provide the technology platform for information collation, analysis and reporting in support of operational and strategic decision-making.
Last Updated: 15/04/2020