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GovFacts User Guide

Using GovFacts

GovFacts displays information about agencies in the Australian Federal and State Governments.

The data about a single agency is listed on the Agency Profile page which can be accessed by clicking on the agency name within any of the three following pages:

  • The GovFacts Home page (or Agency List) is a simple listing of agencies currently available within the tool, showing their jurisdiction and sector.
  • The Staff Information page (under Summary Views in the blue navigation bar) summarises staffing information for currently available agencies.
  • The Budget Information page (also under Summary Views) summarises budgeting information for currently available agencies

All of these pages can be filtered by jurisdiction or sector to narrow down the list and make it easier to find the agency you are looking for.  See below for more detail about filters in GovFacts.

Navigate through GovFacts using the menu bar and by clicking purple hyper-linked text.  Your browser's back and forwards buttons will also function normally throughout the GovFacts tool.

GovFacts Filters

Jurisdiction / Sector

These filters are multi-select filters which allow selection more than one item using control-click (hold the control button on the keyboard, and click the left mouse button) on selections subsequent to the first.

Agency Name Contains

The 'Agency Name Contains' field searches for whole or partial words in the Agency name.


To sort a table in GovFacts, simply click the header of the column you wish to sort by.  A second click on the same column header will reverse the sort direction.

GovFacts Feedback

Intermedium welcomes any and all feedback regarding the nature and/or content of this tool.

If you have any suggestions, comments, queries or complaints, or if you have updated information you wish to share, please send us your feedback via email.