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About GovFacts

GovFacts is Intermedium’s online database of agency information. GovFacts provides a view of agencies across Australia including information on:

  • Key personnel, including contact details
  • Agency purpose
  • Key objectives
  • Staff numbers, including ICT staff and contractors
  • Total annual budget (Expense and Capital)
  • Outsourcing
  • Shared Services
  • ICT environment (main platforms etc.)
  • Key ICT projects
  • Top ICT contracts
  • Future ICT directions
  • ICT Strategies, Reports and Reviews

GovFacts sources

Intermedium sources the agency information held in GovFacts from a wide range of public domain sources including government directories, agency websites, agency annual reports, budget papers, audit reports, as well as providing access to some information held in other Intermedium databases.

GovFacts update cycle

Agency information is updated on an ongoing basis as Intermedium becomes aware of changes at the agency. It is also subject to a regular refresh on an annual basis as each new budget is released.  Typically this annual refresh would occur in the months May – July as budgets are released around the country. 

GovFacts contracts data

Federal Government ICT contracts displayed within GovFacts are categorised as per Intermedium's categorisation schema subject to qualifications about the data.

GovFacts feedback

We welcome any and all feedback regarding the nature and/or content of this tool.

If you have any suggestions, comments, queries or complaints, or if you have updated information you wish to share, please send us your feedback via email.


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